Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let Fashion Make You Unique

 Dear Readers,   
       Fashion is a chance for you to make your self different from the others. Fashion gives you an opportunity to be unique and original. It is not only pieces of fabric you need to posses throughout your life. It is a representative aspect of your life.You can either reflect your own personality through Fashion or even look like the person you can never be but want to be like. The Fashionable ones are the are the ones that get all the attention out there.It is a life style that you have to commit to. If you let it, it can change your life, add the colour in your life. No matter how your body or face is, if you match your clothes well enough, you can become a different person and suddenly become noticed with your sense of style.
       For example, for me, Fashion makes me happy. It makes me feel better with my self. Fashion has become such an important part of my life that I'd like to make it my future carrier. I'd like to be the one inspiring people who are searching for their true sense style. I create my own style and mostly it ends up making be different than the others. This doesn't mean that I need to look like a dork just to be different. But there's a fine line that keeps my style classy. Everybody should create their own style, and be their own fashionista. Instead of becoming a nation with a generalised idea of what to wear, everybody should dress up differently and create their own fashion that reflects their own thoughts and personality. You all have a chance to be special and fashion offers you this.
     On this post I've decided to place some pictures of my best friend. I've chosen everything that she's wearing on the pictures and honestly it ended up being a pretty unique combination. But that's what we're trying to prove here. That by wearing different and unique combinations you can be special. And my beautiful friend has worn this style perfectly.
What she's wearing:
Celine Sunglasses
Custom Made Dress by me
Claire's Headband 
Dr. Martens
Forever 21 Bangle

    Thank you everybody for reading my posts. And I'm truly sorry for not being able to right all the time, but I will try my best to post at least once a week.
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Lady Falco Xoxo..