Monday, August 19, 2013

Travel in Style

Hello Loved ones :)
     Sorry for not being able to write any posts for the past few days but my house has been very chaotic lately. The reason of this disaster is that I spend my summers in Turkey and winters in Switzerland. Therefore, every start and end of summer I have to move houses. Of course I leave many clothes in each home, but there are some (MANY) pieces that I just can't leave behind so I have to take about 6 luggages with me each and every time I move from  one house to another. And giving up on some of my clothes and leaving them behind is the hardest choice ever.

    So inspired by these events in my life, I've decided that  I'm going to be writing this post on "How to Travel and Still be Fashionable." 

   I believe that the whole process of travelling is very tiring and this shouldn't be a reason for you to take a day off of Fashion and look like crap. This doesn't mean that you should force yourself to wear heels and be uncomfortable just to look fashionable either. You can always look nice and be comfortable at the same time.

Here are some ideas, as well as my favourites, of what you can wear to the airport..

As pants..
My pick of pants for travelling are either jeans or leggings. As I believe that keeping it simple is the best choice in the airports. So, Either just simple skinny or boyfriend jeans or simple black leggings. Also, you can choose jeans with some patterns. Either put patterns on your pants and choose a simple top, or a more interesting top with a simpler bottom.

As Tops..
As tops for travelling, I always try to choose soft and light fabrics. Something that won't make you sweat. It actually totally depends on your choice of pants. And definitely something that is not see through or exposing. 

As Shoes..
Shoes depends on how you are more comfortable. For example, I love high heels and they don't bother my feet too much, but they're are most definitely not my choice to wear in the airport because I don't like to be running in them to catch my plane in case of emergency :)

My own Customised Nike Sneakers. You can always order them from me by e-mail.

You shouldn't wear much jewellery because you will beep a lot in the X-Rays and lose a lot of time. You should take a bag that is easy to carry and with a shoulder strap. And never go to the airport without a jacket because you never know how the weather is on your destination point and the planes might get very cold as well. If you want any packing tips, the easiest way to pack is to match the outfits before-hand and just wake up every morning during your vacation without any problem or time waste to choose what to wear, unless your going for a long time like me right now.

Here is a pic of me from my last travel to Brussels/Amsterdam/Paris. It was a long trip so I had to be comfy. :)

I had Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers for Shoes
And here is a picture of my chaotic Closet waiting for me to pack!! 

So these are all my travelling tips for now and for any further comments, suggestions and questions you can always contact me very easily. Thank you all for reading my blog and SHARE THE LOVE!

Good Night,
Lady Falco Xoxo..

Friday, August 16, 2013

Favourite Bags and Purses

  A woman should never leave her house without a bag. And this shouldn't be just ANY bag. This should be the last piece that completes that day's outfit.

      Even if you are wearing the most simple outfit that day (black shirt, Black pants and black shoes), the purse you'll take can make you one of the most noticeable people out there. I especially believe that no matter what your budget is for a whole outfit, a purse deserves the biggest part of it. A purse shows class and taste and is one of the most important part's of your day. Plus, it the only part of your outfit that is actually useful :)

  On this post I will be sharing my Top 10 favourite bags. Unfortunately I won't be using my own pictures today, but most of my pictures will be the same as the bags I own .. Enjoy Girls! 

1- Hermes Birkin

The Hermes Birkin is my favourite bag, but unfortunately it is very difficult to get most of the time. Besides it's high price tag, you have to wait for ages to get it! and by ages I mean at least 9 months and it can go up to even more then 4 years. If you have a Hermes store that you are familiar with the employees of, you might have a better chance of getting it :)
Croco Burgundy Birkin

Grey Birkin

Pink Croco Birkin 25

2- Chanel Boy-Bag 

The Boy-Bag of Chanel is my second favourite favourite bag. I am sure you've been seeing a lot of these bags around lately because they are VERY POPULAR! For a while they were very hard to find because there was an insanely high demand on them, but now you can try your chance in any Chanel store and probably might have a pretty good chance on finding it.
Chanel Boy Bag in Pink Velvet

Orange Chanel Boy Bag

Chanel Boy Bag in Python

Chanel Boy Bag in Cream

3- Hermes Contance

The Hermes Constance is super cute and chic. It is very easy to carry and match. It absolutely looks classy as well!

Black Hermes Constance

Hermes Constance in Orange with a Silver Buckle
Hermes Constance in Black with a Gold Buckle

4- Celine Luggage Tote

The Celine Luggage Tote is one of my favourite bags and I truly believe that it has a very noticeable shape. The shape of it is absolutely amazing and the variety of colours and patterns to choose from excites me!

Celine Luggage Tote in Leopard

Mini Celine Luggage Tote in Flashy Orange

5- Valentino

I love almost all the Valentino bags so I won't be posting any specified models. They are cute, fashionable, colourful and just Gorgeous!
My Favourite with Rhinestones
Second Favourite, Transparent

6- Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc

This YSL Cabas Chyc is something that makes you get noticed out in the street and matches with 90% of anyone's closet. It is colourful and very useful.

Bicolour Cabas Chyc with Python

Cabas Chyc in Blue

Cabas Chyc in Leopard

Cabas Chyc in Neon Pink

Cabas Chyc Bicolour

7- Balenciaga

I love all the Balenciaga bags mostly because even though they don't look huge, but you can fit the whole world in them. They are still super youthful and sweet.

Balenciaga in Yellow

Balenciaga with Black and White Stripes

Balenciaga in Cream

8- Stella McCartney

I love the Stella McCartney bags because they are appropriate for many places. You can use them as school bags, take them out for shopping or even use them while going to a dinner. 

Stella McCartney in Black

Python Stella McCartney in Red

Stella McCartney in Flashy Night Blue

9- Alexander Wang

The Alexander wang bags are very suitable for daily use. You can just leave them in front of your house door and pick them up before leaving no matter what you are wearing.

Alexander Wang in Black
Alexander Wang in Yellow

Alexander Wang in Black

10- Cambridge Satchel

And Last but not Least the Cambridge Satchel. They have a very simple british look but they are available in  almost every colour you can imagine. They can bright up your day and put a smile on your face. Also they don't have a very high price tag so they are available for many people and easy to customise and order through the Cambridge Satchel Web Page.

Neon Orange

Neon Yellow

Neon Pink
Neon Yellow

Well writing this post took about 3 hours, but was totally worth it! I hope you all enjoy and can get a few tips on your next bag purchase. And remember NEVER leave your house without a purse!!! I am open to all your suggestions and questions through e-mail or comments. Thank you all for reading my blog and SHARE THE LOVE ! 

Good Night,
Lady Falco Xoxo..

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Multi-Functional Scarf

  Although many people don't see scarfs as an important part of their closet, they are actually the MOST important items in anybody's closet!

     A scarf is not only an item that you wear during winter when you are cold. A scarf can turn in to the shape of almost anything. It can be a bag, a head band, a shirt and many other things and look absolutely amazing. My favourite scarfs to shape are the colourful and gorgeous "Hermès" scarfs. These scarfs have crazy patterns on them and look absolutely beautiful. When you purchase any of these scarfs, they provide you with a booklet where there are many styles that you can apply to turn your scarf in to a shirt, a bag or anything else. 
     On this post, I photographed some of these styles with my own scarfs and I will provide some of the pictures I took of the styles .. Enjoy!!

P.S: The pictures are taken by my friend and the model is me. However, she has no experience of photography and I am no where near to being a model. The only purpose of these pictures are styling the scarfs. So please reconsider before judging :)  Thanks!

      I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and now are able to apply these on your selves. If Hermès Scarfs are not for you, you can use any other scarf and do the same styles. For any further questions or suggestion you can comment under this post, comment on my Suggestion&Questions page, fill out the "Contact Me" form or directly send me an e-mail from " " Thank you all for reading my blog and please share the love and help me spread around ! 

Good Night,
Lady Falco Xoxo ..