Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Labeled T-Shirts

As many of you already probably know, Labeled T-Shirts are on FIRE lately !!!

        The weird fact about these t-shirts is that they can take any outfit that would have been very classy with another blouse and make it look very sporty and chic at the same time. My favourite accessory to wear with these t-shirts are Collar Necklaces. These necklaces make the outfit look even more chic and sporty at the same time. Besides looking completely cute on anybody, these shirts are also very humorous most of the time. Because they carry labels on them that mock famous brands (not in a negative way) and create this humorous image. 

      These t-shirt are definitely must have on anyone's closet because they are very easy to wear and match and they fit anybody :)!

    Here are some favourite pics of the Label T-shirts and matches .. Enjoy!

P.S: First pic is me from my Instagram page :)

    You can also purchase these adorable T-shirts from many places, but for those of you who don't know where to get them from, this addresses may help you ..

Brian Lichtenberg
Revolve Clothing

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