Monday, August 12, 2013

Fashion for Me

As my first post I want to talk about Fashion For Me.
     Although it sounds cheesy, Fashion is a Passion for me.  What this means is that everybody has something to do or to think about when they wake up in the morning. For example, going to the gym, cooking or any other extracurricular activity. However for me, it is FASHION. I read magazines all the time to be updated about new trends, I read fashion blogs, I check out several profiles about fashion on Instagram and basically Fashion becomes my day rather than something I just adjust according to my day. 

    I get Inspired by most of the things around me. My biggest inspiration is MUSIC !! As soon as I wake up I put on a song and that sets my outfit and mood for the day (unless there are any unexpected events.) I strongly believe that clothes reflect people's characteristics and emotions, and when it's matched well, you can give out the correct message about yourself and seem more friendly and perhaps interesting to others. That's why I find fashion very necessary and the fact that it changes and evolves all the time amazes me and it is most definitely a passion for me to fallow it and apply it on myself.

   Fashion is generally based on clothes and the matches, however, my favourite part of fashion are shoes, shoes and SHOES !! I collect shoes as much as I can and they are completely a different passion for me. I see them as important pieces of art and I adore them. For example here are some pictures of a project I've done in the past about shoes ..
       P.S: I created a photography project from a total number of 138 pictures. It was basically taking pictures of all my shoes (worn by my friends), in different places and putting them all together as a video and presenting my favourite pictures in an Exhibition.

     Hopefully I succeeded to write my first post and I hope you all enjoyed reading about what fashion means for me and my crazy passion for SHOES !!!! I will try to post as much as I can and as I mentioned before I am open to all kind of suggestions :) Please don't hesitate to share my Blog and spread it around. Also, I would appreciate it if you check out other pages on my blog as well. 

Good Night,

Lady Falco..

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