Monday, August 25, 2014

I AM BACK !!!!

Hello once again!!

I knooow I haven't been a good blogger until now, but I promise I am fully back this time!!! I have been going through some pretty hard times lately and I honestly didn't have the time or the energy to write new posts. However, it is almost all I've been thinking about lately. Sooooo as you probably already understood I have maany new ideas and I am going to be improving my blog insaneeely. Until I gather all the help I need I will be posting my usual stuff about travelling and outfits of the day and all, buuut in a couple of months my blog will be absolutely "DELICIOUS." One of my good friends is going to have few posts on amaaazing make up tips, she will also be the person helping me with my pictures and make up of course since obviously I am not very talented at it. Also, I will be revealing some secrets about me, so you can understand me better and I will of course keep on posting my outfits and many more new things!!! I am also aware that my blog seems pretty plain and not that exciting theme wise, but you should know that I am not the most technologic person on earth, so I will try to improve that as well. Just in some timeee. Oh an also I just updated my about me page so if you want to know more about me don't forget to check that out. As you probably know I already have a Pinterest and a pose account, but one more new exciting thing is that I will also be starting my new Lady Falco instagram account very soon so you will be able to follow me from there as well and I will also be having a Twitter account very soon, but I will let you all know once I get to do those.

Lastly, I am very sorry for this short start and long break, but I just hope to have all my readers back and many more of you, so I can keep on improving :) Please help me in improving and send all your suggestions so we can all together make this an amazing place to just look at.

So, after that long intro here is a post of my outfit today and you can find all the details about the brand and everything below. ENJOY!!!

Outfit Details:
Shirt and Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Sun Glasses: Chrome Hearts

Once again thank you all for reading and pleaseee,

Lady Falco.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let Fashion Make You Unique

 Dear Readers,   
       Fashion is a chance for you to make your self different from the others. Fashion gives you an opportunity to be unique and original. It is not only pieces of fabric you need to posses throughout your life. It is a representative aspect of your life.You can either reflect your own personality through Fashion or even look like the person you can never be but want to be like. The Fashionable ones are the are the ones that get all the attention out there.It is a life style that you have to commit to. If you let it, it can change your life, add the colour in your life. No matter how your body or face is, if you match your clothes well enough, you can become a different person and suddenly become noticed with your sense of style.
       For example, for me, Fashion makes me happy. It makes me feel better with my self. Fashion has become such an important part of my life that I'd like to make it my future carrier. I'd like to be the one inspiring people who are searching for their true sense style. I create my own style and mostly it ends up making be different than the others. This doesn't mean that I need to look like a dork just to be different. But there's a fine line that keeps my style classy. Everybody should create their own style, and be their own fashionista. Instead of becoming a nation with a generalised idea of what to wear, everybody should dress up differently and create their own fashion that reflects their own thoughts and personality. You all have a chance to be special and fashion offers you this.
     On this post I've decided to place some pictures of my best friend. I've chosen everything that she's wearing on the pictures and honestly it ended up being a pretty unique combination. But that's what we're trying to prove here. That by wearing different and unique combinations you can be special. And my beautiful friend has worn this style perfectly.
What she's wearing:
Celine Sunglasses
Custom Made Dress by me
Claire's Headband 
Dr. Martens
Forever 21 Bangle

    Thank you everybody for reading my posts. And I'm truly sorry for not being able to right all the time, but I will try my best to post at least once a week.
Share the Love !!

Lady Falco Xoxo..

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beautiful Sunday in Italy

Hello My Beloved Readers !! :)
        I am very sorry for not being able write for a very long time, but from now on I am back on track! Although I won't be able to post every single day, I will at least have weekly posts for sure, including pictures.
        Today I have decided to write a post about my beautiful sunday in Italy, Como. For those of you who are not really familiar with Como; Como is a little town in Italy near the border of Switzerland and also very close to Milan. Also, very close to Como there is an even smaller town called Cernobbio and in that town there's an AMAZING hotel called Villa D'este. It is really worth seeing! As it was a Sunday and since everywhere is closed on Sundays around here, I decided to take a short ride to Como from where I live which is in Switzerland to go for a Lunch in Como.
         It was a rainy and grey Sunday here, so my outfit was inspired by the weather. As you will be seeing on the following pictures I am wearing all grey and blackish colours. Which is not really unusual for me as I prefer to wear the black, white and grey colours most of the time. Just because I think they look more classy and Chic :)
Enjoy ..
P.S: Some of my pictures are directly from my Instagram page and the rest is taken by my I-Phone, so They have very bad quality. Next time I will try to post better quality Pictures.

My Ride for the Day :)

Outfit Details:
Bag: Chanel
Pants: Maje
Jacket: Maje
Sweater: Sandro
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Valentino 
Accessories: Ray-Ban Glasses, Cartier Love Bracelet and Ring, VCA necklace and H&M Chain Necklace.

   I am really open to all your suggestions in order to improve my blog. If there's anything you would like me to post about or include on my current posts or anything that you would prefer me not to include please let me know. You can contact me very easily through e-mail or comments. And also remember that I'm not a model or anything and the only purpose of my blog is to inspire you if I can and share my style with all of you. 
    Thank you very much for sharing your time to read my posts and pleaseee SHARE THE LOVE !!
Good Night,
Lady Falco Xoxo..

Monday, August 19, 2013

Travel in Style

Hello Loved ones :)
     Sorry for not being able to write any posts for the past few days but my house has been very chaotic lately. The reason of this disaster is that I spend my summers in Turkey and winters in Switzerland. Therefore, every start and end of summer I have to move houses. Of course I leave many clothes in each home, but there are some (MANY) pieces that I just can't leave behind so I have to take about 6 luggages with me each and every time I move from  one house to another. And giving up on some of my clothes and leaving them behind is the hardest choice ever.

    So inspired by these events in my life, I've decided that  I'm going to be writing this post on "How to Travel and Still be Fashionable." 

   I believe that the whole process of travelling is very tiring and this shouldn't be a reason for you to take a day off of Fashion and look like crap. This doesn't mean that you should force yourself to wear heels and be uncomfortable just to look fashionable either. You can always look nice and be comfortable at the same time.

Here are some ideas, as well as my favourites, of what you can wear to the airport..

As pants..
My pick of pants for travelling are either jeans or leggings. As I believe that keeping it simple is the best choice in the airports. So, Either just simple skinny or boyfriend jeans or simple black leggings. Also, you can choose jeans with some patterns. Either put patterns on your pants and choose a simple top, or a more interesting top with a simpler bottom.

As Tops..
As tops for travelling, I always try to choose soft and light fabrics. Something that won't make you sweat. It actually totally depends on your choice of pants. And definitely something that is not see through or exposing. 

As Shoes..
Shoes depends on how you are more comfortable. For example, I love high heels and they don't bother my feet too much, but they're are most definitely not my choice to wear in the airport because I don't like to be running in them to catch my plane in case of emergency :)

My own Customised Nike Sneakers. You can always order them from me by e-mail.

You shouldn't wear much jewellery because you will beep a lot in the X-Rays and lose a lot of time. You should take a bag that is easy to carry and with a shoulder strap. And never go to the airport without a jacket because you never know how the weather is on your destination point and the planes might get very cold as well. If you want any packing tips, the easiest way to pack is to match the outfits before-hand and just wake up every morning during your vacation without any problem or time waste to choose what to wear, unless your going for a long time like me right now.

Here is a pic of me from my last travel to Brussels/Amsterdam/Paris. It was a long trip so I had to be comfy. :)

I had Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers for Shoes
And here is a picture of my chaotic Closet waiting for me to pack!! 

So these are all my travelling tips for now and for any further comments, suggestions and questions you can always contact me very easily. Thank you all for reading my blog and SHARE THE LOVE!

Good Night,
Lady Falco Xoxo..