Monday, August 25, 2014

I AM BACK !!!!

Hello once again!!

I knooow I haven't been a good blogger until now, but I promise I am fully back this time!!! I have been going through some pretty hard times lately and I honestly didn't have the time or the energy to write new posts. However, it is almost all I've been thinking about lately. Sooooo as you probably already understood I have maany new ideas and I am going to be improving my blog insaneeely. Until I gather all the help I need I will be posting my usual stuff about travelling and outfits of the day and all, buuut in a couple of months my blog will be absolutely "DELICIOUS." One of my good friends is going to have few posts on amaaazing make up tips, she will also be the person helping me with my pictures and make up of course since obviously I am not very talented at it. Also, I will be revealing some secrets about me, so you can understand me better and I will of course keep on posting my outfits and many more new things!!! I am also aware that my blog seems pretty plain and not that exciting theme wise, but you should know that I am not the most technologic person on earth, so I will try to improve that as well. Just in some timeee. Oh an also I just updated my about me page so if you want to know more about me don't forget to check that out. As you probably know I already have a Pinterest and a pose account, but one more new exciting thing is that I will also be starting my new Lady Falco instagram account very soon so you will be able to follow me from there as well and I will also be having a Twitter account very soon, but I will let you all know once I get to do those.

Lastly, I am very sorry for this short start and long break, but I just hope to have all my readers back and many more of you, so I can keep on improving :) Please help me in improving and send all your suggestions so we can all together make this an amazing place to just look at.

So, after that long intro here is a post of my outfit today and you can find all the details about the brand and everything below. ENJOY!!!

Outfit Details:
Shirt and Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Sun Glasses: Chrome Hearts

Once again thank you all for reading and pleaseee,

Lady Falco.